Party of one: My first mini vacation alone


Write, submit, sleep. Write, submit, sleep. Write, submit, sleep.

My routine can be monotonous. Each night for about a month, I left my 9-to-5 only to come home to tackle a freelance project. Squeezing in a workout, some vegetables, a little TV time and a phone call to my mom was also a goal. Maintaining a busy schedule isn't uncommon. Nearly all of my friends are a part of the side hustle union. Each of us have something extra going on, but dammit it can be hard to manage.

And a few weeks ago, I wasn't feeling it. I wanted to eliminate the write and submit portion of my routine and just sleep. My mother could even tell I was drained. "When are you going to take break," she kept asking. "When Georgia Power stops sending me bills," I wanted to reply. (Couldn't risk getting slapped.) She was right though. I needed to set aside some time for me. 

A couple of ladies I admire have taken trips alone. I wanted a piece of the bliss they described when they recapped their adventures. So on a whim, I said, "Najja, go to Savannah." I made the decision on a Tuesday night before catching Love Is _ (Will Catlett is a gem)I figured the city would be perfect for a quick, 3-4 hour road trip, so I whipped out my laptop and found the coziest Airbnb. About a week and a half later, I was on I-16 with my car Devante, making my way to a little bit of paradise. 

It was amazing!

I arrived at my destination early Saturday morning and immediately began walking through the gorgeous historic district in the Georgia heat. I explored coffee shops, diners, parks, squares and everything in between. I hit up many of the touristy spots like Leopold's, where the ice cream is sensational; Forsyth Park, which is home to a stunning fountain; Mrs. Wilkes, where the delicious soul food will put you in the best coma; and River Street, a long strip of shops, restaurants and galleries along the Savannah River. I even brought my camera, which I haven't used in forever, to capture the luxury homes and drooping oak trees I found on almost every street. 

My favorite part of my mini vacay though was my day at the beach at Tybee Island. Before I played in the water, I climbed to the top of the Tybee Island Lighthouse. It took 178 spiraling steps to make it to the gallery deck, but the view was so worth it. "I couldn't tell where heavens stopped and the earth began." Yea, Forrest Gump described it perfectly.

I took the journey back down and let the waves crash against my body. I caught up on my magazine reading. (The Kendrick Lamar article in the June 2018 issue of Vanity Fair is the stuff I dream of writing.) I even got my ego stroked when a young, cute Jamaican tried to shoot his shot. He had me feeling like Stella. I ended that day back in Savannah by feasting on a super, yummy dinner as a peaceful thunderstorm passed through the area. 

When it was time to hop back on the highway Monday, I felt so full. My spirit was happy. I could not contain my joy. I hadn't felt that refreshed in a long while. It's the best thing I've done for myself this summer. It was a reminder to slow down, to live in the now and to be kind to myself. It's a blessing to be busy, but it's also a blessing to be still.


I may have the solo travelling bug now. You may catch me jetsettiing to Paris for another getaway soon, especially if Georgia Power gets off my back.

Scroll through some of the pics from my Savannah trip below. It's gorgeous there.