How I kept my composure while interviewing Michael B. Jordan


I was driving to a meeting when I found out I got the Michael B. Jordan assignment. (Yes, I was on my phone. I’m still adjusting to Georgia’s hands-free law.) My car got the best twerk while I was at the stop light. Y’all, I was excited excited.

The superstar was in town to promote his latest film “Creed II,” and the AJC was on the press list. My editor (hey, Nikki!) tasked me with the story, because she knows my passion for young black creatives in the culture runs deep.

I had about three days to prepare for the junket, which included interviews with Michael, his co-star Florian Monteanu and director Steven Caple, Jr. That was plenty of time. Plus, I got invited to a “Creed II” screener at Atlantic Station, so seeing the movie early definitely helped me prepare.

The entire experience was dope, and it’s one of my favorites of the year. When I told my closest friends I talked to Michael, they all had the same question: “How’d you keep your composure?!” Well, I had a few tactics.

I didn’t want to get fired.

I had to remind myself this was business. It was imperative to stay professional even if the talent happened to be one of finest human beings on God’s green earth.

Some might’ve had the urge to scream or jump into his arms, which is completely understandable, but my job was on the line. If I had done anything indecent, like ask for his number, give him a massage, slip him my home address, stalk him at his hotel, cook him a home-cooked meal, make him a smoothie, show up in lingerie, read him my wedding vows, offer him his first child—sorry, got a little carried away—that would’ve been my ass.

Georgia Power still wants their money, so I need to keep my income steady.

I pretended he was ugly.

It’s no secret the “B” in Michael B. Jordan unofficially stands for “bae.” I had to pretend I didn’t know that information though.

For 10 minutes, Michael was not one of People’s “Sexiest Men Alive.” He did not have several articles on BuzzFeed dedicated to his face. Hell, his Instagram page didn’t even exist.

Matter of fact, the man just had to be ugly for those 10 minutes. He was Quasimodo from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” Eddy from “Ed, Edd n Eddy,” “Krumm” from “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.”

I imagined he was every hideous cartoon character ever drawn, so I wouldn’t be unnecessarily distracted. That’s how I stayed focused, friends.

I prayed.

Thank God for Jesus, because He came through. I said a couple of prayers before walking into the interview space.

When I get nervous, I talk way too much and laugh for no apparent reason at all. It happens just about every time I talk to a crush, which is exactly what was happening in this situation now that I think about it. But the nerves were under control.

My mom sent up a prayer for me, too. Right before I headed into the room with Michael, she shot me a quick text. “Blessings to you. Go do your thing. Praying,” she wrote. That’s my girl.  



So that is how I kept my composure while interviewing Michael B. Jordan. When you find yourself in the same place as Mike (I’d like to think we’re cool enough for me to call him that), try out some of my tips. See how I’m speaking this into existence for you? I got your back.

And take a minute to read my article and watch our video. He was super cool and pleasant.